Covidien LF1212A - LigaSure Small Curved Jaw, Open Sealer/Divider; 16.5mm - 19cm - Each

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-Length: 18.8cm
-Jaw Design: 28°
-Seal Length: 16.5mm
-Cut Length: 14.7mm
-Generator: ForceTriad Energy Platform

The LigaSure™ Small Jaw Instrument:

-Provides an integrated cutting mechanism independent of sealing, leaving the critical cutting decisions in the hands of the surgeon
-May reduce the exchange of instruments compared to mechanical ligation
Has a low temperature profile and seals effectively at a cooler temperature compared to Harmonic FOCUS™

LigaSure™ technology confines effect to target tissue with thermal spread ≤ 2mm on average, so you can feel more confident sealing near critical structures and dissecting around vessels.

Ligasure™ technology has been shown to significantly reduce hospital stay and post-operative drainage days compared to conventional techniques when used for axillary breast dissection. Additionally, LigaSure™ instruments may be associated with:

-Reduced procedure time, blood loss and pain compared to conventional techniques
-Reduced operative time, perioperative blood loss, drainage volume and duration, and incidence of seroma or lymphedema

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