Covidien EGIATRS45AXT - Endo GIA Reinforced Extra Thick Tri-Staple Reload 45.0mm (Black)

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The Reinforced Reload with Tri-Staple™ technology is the only stapler with preloaded buttress material that provides improved ease of use and reduced waste in the OR. Compatible with both Covidien manual and powered handles, this integrated reinforcement offering combines the benefits of Tri-Staple™ technology with improved staple line security.

-Reduces acute bleeding at the staple line when compared to non-buttressed reloads on small bowel
-Provides a higher leak pressure point when compared to non-buttressed reloads in in-vivo canine bowel
Lowers rate of air leaks at the staple line vs. non-buttressed reloads at 40 mmHg
In a preclinical thoracic model, Reinforced Reload performed comparably to SeamGuard™* with respect to impact to adjacent tissue structures
Reinforced Reload buttress material is absorbable, absorbent and soft, and allows tissue in-growth
Reinforced Reload buttress material mass loss is comparable to SeamGuard™
May save a hospital between 7-10 minutes of OR time per procedure due to the preloaded benefit

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